10 Healthy Habits For Living The Fitness Lifestyle

10 Healthy Habits For Living The Fitness Lifestyle

Stop overlooking these important things to do before and after your sweat.

When it comes to your fitness routine, the time you spend sweating it out in the gym tends to get all the credit.  According to Jay Cardiello, a celebrity trainer and Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute member. “The workout is the easiest part of a fitness routine,”

Good nutrition, quality sleep, and other smart pre-and post-workout rituals can ensure you’re recovering properly, fuelling your efforts, and crushing it in every single workout.

Here are the 10 things that should be a part of your fitness routine if you want to maximize your results.

Before your workout:

1. Always get enough good quality sleep.

Good sleep is imperative to any fitness program. When you rest well, you are more energized to carry out your routines. Try doing otherwise and see the difference. Good sleep will also help you keep hunger in check. Odd eating habits can negatively impact your efforts in the gym.

Experts say seven hours to six and a half hours of sleep is highly recommended before anything else. So also, good sleep is super important after a workout. The muscles get to recover after a good period of rest.

2. Hydrate before, during, and after every session.

It’s a known fact that drinking water is crucial to overall health but its role in a fitness routine is super important. Since shvirtzing during workouts causes dehydration it is expedient to properly for replenishment. Moreover, a body can’t run without water. When you rehydrate, you help to keep your energy level where it ought to be. You should be sipping it before, during, and after a workout.

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3. Grab a snack.

Don’t ignore your body’s need for some fuel. No food in is outrightly no energy. A simple and light snack such as a piece of toast with almond butter will go a long way to ensure you get going.  As much as it is inadvisable to starve, you don’t want to be feeling full either.

4. Always wear the right clothes and footwear for the workout you’re doing.

Having the right gear for the job aids mobility. Your athletic prowess to move, jump, run, stretch, and get into certain positions can greatly be impeded wearing the wrong. Wearing the right footwear or items of clothing can mean way more comfort, translating to better endurance and a more enjoyable workout compared to arriving at the In something uncomfortable. It is advisable and prudent to make sure you are outfitted properly Before you head out the door.

5. Work in a dynamic warm-up.

Never skip your warm-up for anything. They are meant to help your body raise its temperature, increase range of motion, and prepare for the more intense workouts. They also help to decrease your chance of sustaining an injury.  Warm-ups make it possible for you to ease into your workout, rather than jumping straight from a resting state to the hard work.

More so, when you can increase your range of motion through warm-ups, the implication is that you’ll be able to recruit more muscles during an exercise helping you make the most of your workout. This is done through a dynamic warm-up, which essentially means moving through stretches that aren’t held in place.

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After your workout:

6. Stretch after every workout.

A cool-down brings your body back to a resting position. Use static stretching to cool down and reset after a workout. Stretching guarantees working out of the gym the way you walked into the gym. Additionally, stretching may prove beneficial for joint mobility and range of motion.

These stretches are quite opposite to the stretches you do in a warm-up. It is ideal to hold your stretches for at least 15 seconds each after a workout. So don’t go straight from your workout to a seated position because muscles are best stretched while still warm.

7. The Usage of a foam roller.

Foam rolling can help you recover from workouts and could also increase your range of motion. Experts say it is also effective at minimizing post-workout soreness. it can achieve this by increasing blood flow to the tissues you used while exercising. Foam rolling regularly and correctly is a great way to speed up recovery.

8. Refuel with post-workout nutrition.

Post-workout nutrition is way more important than pre-workout one.  It is of great importance to give your body the fuel it needs to recover after a tough sweat. Your body requires replenishment after it must have used up body resources after a workout. You supply the needs of the body for carbohydrates and protein to help replenish glycogen stores and rebuild muscle, respectively. It is also important to do this in time for maximum results.

9. Log your workout.

Keep track of your workout activities. It will help you scale new goals each time you exercise. It’s also a great way to measure and optimize to ensure that your workout routine is giving you what you want.  At every set time you can examine and analyze your performance to check what is and what’s not to make the necessary adjusts where and when needed. Likewise, it is important to celebrate your achievements, keeping track can help you tell how far you have gone.

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10. Consider a cool shower, especially if you worked out in the heat.

If you become overheated, a cool shower will help your body back to baseline. For elite athletes ice baths after a particularly hot workout do seem to be of some help. Some researchers say cold water therapy may mentally contribute to the perception of recovery and, in turn, does aid recovery. If you feel that a cool shower after a workout makes you feel better mentally and/or psychologically, consider making it part of your post-workout culture. Not everybody needs to jump in an ice bath like the pros.


Fitness is a lifestyle. It includes proper warm-ups, work-out, and cool downs for maximum results. In essence, good fitness culture does not begin and end with your actual workouts.

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