5 Strategies to Improve your E-Commerce Business Performance

Five strategies to improve your E-Commerce business Performance

There are several ways to sell more online, and many of them are achievable. Some of these ways focus on specific feasible strategies, while others are more general. In this article, we’ll look at 5 strategies you can implement to improve your e-commerce business, whether you are selling physical goods or running a service-oriented business.

Here are 5 viable strategies you can use to improve your online sales performance.

1. Build an email list

Building an email list may seem like a herculean task at first, but there are countless ways to create an email list for your e-commerce store without inventing the wheel. It helps you build a loyal customer database. It retargets people who are interested in your products. It creates an opportunity for community building. You get permission to send promotions without having to pay for social media ads. Email works so well because customers choose to hear more from you instead of targeting it with paid promotions. In addition, you have complete control over your email list without having social media platforms.

2. Optimize your e-commerce site for mobile

People like to shop on their phones and this trend is growing. You might be surprised to learn that people shop on their mobile. Yes! E-commerce store visitors shop on their mobile devices, but not enough stores offer a responsive and frictionless mobile experience optimized for conversions. And many sales opportunities are lost because of this. If you want more sales, make your site user-friendly on all platforms. Don’t forget to optimize your pop-ups for mobile too.

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3. Showcase your bestselling items

What does your e-commerce landing page look like now? The store’s landing page should be home to the store’s best-selling products. This is what visitors see for the first time, it’s their only chance at a first impression. Showing bestselling products on the home page not only makes a great first impression but also gives visitors a starting point to make a purchase, rather than overloading them with all the existing product selections in the menus.

4. Display your social proof

Did you know that 70% of customers use online reviews to justify their purchase? If you don’t use reviews, you will lose a lot of potential income. An easy way to provide community evidence is to add ratings to your products. Make sure buyers are asked to leave a review, otherwise they won’t think about doing it themselves. Another way to increase social proof is to ask for a review from your most loyal customers who have already made several purchases in your store. Their opinion can build your brand credibility and offer an overall shopping experience on your site. Reviews work even better if you use a real name and photo, as visitors can identify the customer as a real person.

5. Re-target your visitors on social media

Most often, the first visitors look at your store for a while and then leave without making a purchase. While this is part of the reality of an e-commerce store, it doesn’t mean you can do nothing to take advantage of returning visitors. This is where visitor retargeting comes in. Use Facebook Pixel to see who has visited your site and made a purchase. From now on, you can target your paid social media ads to these people. You can use re-targeting in many ways. For example, if a visitor has left the store but clicked on a particular product, you can promote that product on social media and offer it a limited time or quantity discount.

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Finally, there are several strategies that increase e-commerce sales without burning out. Each strategy alone is quite effective. However, when implemented together, they serve as boosters for e-commerce sales. Try implementing these strategies today and you will be able to measure the difference between your sales and see what all these strategies can do for you over time.

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