7 great steps to attract and keep B2B customers to your business

7 Great Steps To Attract And Keep B2B Customers To Your Business

B2B marketing is evolving and you can no longer afford your marketing to be boring as the most successful B2B businesses embrace digital transformation and the best is thriving. B2B marketing refers to any marketing strategy and effort that targets a business or organization. You have to use all available strategies to get their attention, position the training, and sell your solutions to them. The best social media platform to target B2B is LinkedIn, and LinkedIn Messaging Advertising will scale the result of the marketing funnel and lead generation.

The new marketing strategy i s divided into three phases:

  1. Getting Attention: The 1st phase of online marketing is Getting Attention because people need to know that you exist and the services you offer before they can buy.
  2. Positioning: The 2nd phase of online marketing is Positioning because before a prospect will part with their hard-earned money, they need to get to know, like, and trust you and understand the value of the services you offer.
  3. Selling: The 3rd phase of the online marketing cycle is Selling, to obtain first-time and repeat sales.

There are seven (7) steps to be taken within the above three phases in an orderly manner to move many more B2B clients through the marketing funnel to purchase your solutions.

Phase 1: Getting Attention

 Step 1 – Getting Awareness

  • Introduce yourself to prospects and tell them what we do and how you can help them.
  • Make sure the marketing message addresses the target markets’ interests, and then use it to write ads that generate results using Google Adwords and Linkedin advertising.
  • The focus should be on the need of the clients and ensure their needs are met.
  • Develop a brilliant marketing message that describes the unique value you provide for B2B clients and prompts prospects to contact you.
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Step 2 – Motivating Prospects To Action

  • Use every possible means on the ads, and landing page to stimulate a contact or conversation; either through email, phone call, or visit the office.
  • Demonstrate value to the prospects – the best way to convince people of the usefulness of your services is to demonstrate the value by letting them “test-run” the benefits of the services; either by free offer, bonuses, selling cheaper services first, and upselling a premium or higher fee service to them afterward.

Phase 2: Positioning

Step 3 – Establishing Credibility

  • Establish credibility by using testimonials, pictures, and videos. People won’t buy until they feel confident that they know and trust you, and you assure them they will get value for the money they pay.
  • They want to see social proof, some will request to see the curriculum of your courses, details of your solutions and the benefits to their business, how it will make them generate more revenue, reduce cost and risk.

Step 4 – Clarifying Our Values

  • You need to listen to the clients and ask them the question on what they want, and how they expect to benefit from your solution because the clients’ needs differ, and the value that is important to them also differs. The reason they buy also differs.
  • After the prospects have defined the value they are interested in and can see themselves using it, then you will tell them the price because the price can scare the prospects away if you give it to them too soon.
  • Increase the sales by pitching to the prospect’s reason for buying. Use the benefits and values they need in their own words. They will have fewer objections to price.
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Phase 3: Selling

Step 5 – Getting A Commitment

  • You need to ask for and get the clients’ commitment by asking them how they will like to make payment and providing them with several payment options for convenience.
  • Send an invoice to them, after the clients have sent a confirmation of payment, then you send them further details about the solution, training, curriculum/course content, or training materials.

Step 6 – Provide customized service to some clients

  • Sometimes a company can request customized service that suits their needs and satisfy their problems. The objective is to give them what they want as long as they are paying for it.
  • Satisfying the clients’ needs makes them happy and repeat customers and also encourages them to refer others.

Step 7 – Maintaining Relationship

  • Once the prospect has become a paying client, you want them to continue doing business with you and buy other services you provide.
  • You will collect feedback and testimonials from them using any feedback form
  • Then you stay in touch and keep communicating with the clients by using a separate database for all the participants who bought from you.
  • Send future offers to the clients with special bonuses as existing customers to make them feel special to take action.

Finally, if you want to target B2B clients such as companies, or corporate firms who can pay you a premium price for your solutions, then you have to keep learning and absorbing the newest strategies and tactics to catch up on the ever-changing B2B space. Follow these steps and see how your revenue skyrocket through repeat B2B clients.

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