8 Tips on how to improve on your online business presence in 2023

8 Tips on how to improve on your online business presence in 2023

The current economic crisis that all countries are experiencing is shaking the pillars of every business across all sectors. War in Ukraine, energy factors, high-interest rates, COVID-19, ISIS issues, and Boko Haram disturbances in Nigeria are among other things that make the world’s social life and prices of goods unstable worldwide.

COVID-19 alone has made thousands of businesses close down and likewise, the Russia-Ukraine war which has affected both small and big businesses across the world most especially the African countries. Those businesses that have survived this tale of affliction are thinking of new ways to reshape their overall policies and strategies to align with today’s reality.

On top of that, it seems that working remotely has arrived to stay for good. Therefore, those companies that wish to thrive must take into account the importance of moving their businesses onto the digital world, adapting to an online-first marketing strategy.

Implementing online channels is a core premise to promote every business, especially now that technology is being implemented in many different sectors to help improve on consumer awareness and feedback on the pros and cons of their products and services. At the present moment, there is a growing need to spot the right strategies and procedures that will enable businesses to expand their digital presence.

Here I share some insights on how to boost your online strategy.

1. Choosing the right platform

It is key to success to spend a considerable amount of time evaluating the various online platforms that will help your business reach its goals. For example, look at easy-to-handle platforms such as WordPress is a useful tool to engage your audience, as visual language plays an important role. For example, most of the online stores choose to utilize a SaaS platform, due to its low cost to entry, and the scalable framework that offers.

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2. Top SEO practices for cost-effectiveness

Generating web traffic for free is one of the features that Search Engine Optimization offers. You will need to build up your site over high-quality content and targeting the right keywords if you want your website to escalate through good positions in the ranking. The right SEO strategy for this challenging 2020 must include a list of long-tail keywords based on your preferred topics and having a clear link-building plan. Keep in mind that content is key at all times!

3. The importance of web design

Nowadays, online users do not just use their computers to check out on the Internet. We all know how important it is to adapt your business to mobile and tablet devices, ensuring your site is fully updated and open to navigation. Mobile-friendly designs are the winners of this battle, with 40% more visibility than those businesses that do not follow these premises.

4. Social media trends

Refreshing social networking sites is crucial to gain online followers while promoting your content. One of the most influential marketing trends now is online video, which is gaining more adepts on e-commerce sites and other online platforms, as it is a useful tool to influence during the online purchase process.

5. Paid Advertising

Advertising platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook are ideal for targeting your potential customers and other businesses, so make the most of them now that paid ads are getting cheaper. As we are now spending more time connected, web traffic has increased, which means that adverts online are cheaper, because the number of advertisers has decreased. You should seriously consider paid ads as part of your marketing strategy!

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6. Getting ready for the 2021 page experience algorithm update

Google has announced a new update for early 2021 related to search experience signals, and your website needs to be ready for that. Do not forget to check on Google Core Updates regularly, as the giant has announced that it will let the public know more details about the new algorithm six months before its official kick-off.

7. Finding the right branding style

Customization is fundamental within the digital sphere, where having a logo that expresses the style of the company appears as a key element. Also, pay attention to your mission statement, as this will represent you and your firm for the years to come.

8. Tracking your business online

Despite the previous pieces of advice, one of the most valuable steps to maintain a paramount online strategy is monitoring your site. You must regularly check on all the metrics you have available to success in your business. SEMrushGoogle analyticsahrefs and so on will guide across the way to establish and reinforce your site.

Last but not least, joining the digital sphere will not be as easy as it seems for in-person service businesses. However, another option will be to turn a service into a product. We have seen this example all around the world, as many restaurants have started selling the products they used to use to cook, or they have focused on a takeaway strategy.

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