Choosing the Perfect Deodorant

Choosing the Perfect Deodorant

People who use perfumes and deodorants often ponder which is best. Some choose a perfume over a deodorant while others choose deodorants over perfumes. People who loves to be noticed and also like attention prefer perfumes as it is more flamboyant to their lifestyle. While others prefers a deodorant. The other set of people who are confused as to which is best find it difficult in differentiating between them.

Perfume is a blend of base liquid which is oil based or alcohol based and perfume essence. The difference between the perfume essence and base liquid depends on the type of perfume one is getting. It ranges between 5-20% in which eau de cologne has the lowest and perfume has the highest. The fragrance of a perfume could last up to twelve hours or more depending on the product.

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A deodorant on the other hand, contains more ingredients since it’s designed to give much more fragrance. They are in two types which are the body spray and roll on.

Body spray with just fragrance while roll on has an antiperspirant properties. To smell nice, the perfumed spray is what you need and if you are the sweaty type, an antiperspirant body spray is the best choice.

Other difference between the perfume and deodorant I’d the cost and lasting fragrance. Perfumes are expensive but they deliver the best quality fragrance for longer hours. The deodorant spray is quite affordable but they deliver fragrance which lasts for two to three hours and it could be more, depending on the brand.

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Body mist is another source of fragrance. It gives a long lasting fragrance aside the perfume and body spray. A body mist is lighter, softer and less concentrated. They give a pleasant scent without being overpowering.

The fragrance lasts up to four hours or more. Though, it is shorter than the perfume, so there might be a need to sprint or top up d body mist throughout the day to keep the beautiful scent longer.

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Experts have it that one needs to apply a complementing scented body butter before spritzing the body mist to keep the scent fresher foe longer hours. Reason is that, the moisturising nature of the body butter helps to hydrate the skin, which in turn locks the fragrance in.

To choose the best fragrance, knowing the skin type and also is necessary to choose the one that suites one’s skin. And price can also be put into consideration. As it is important to cut our coat according to our sizes.