Five Habits That Improve Your Mental State, Motivation and Productivity

Five Habits That Improve Your Mental State, Motivation and Productivity

Most entrepreneurs have a natural understanding that mental health is important to the success of their business. Being an entrepreneur is a lonely, difficult journey, you are running your own business and dealing with the fact that your financial security is directly tied with your company’s success. Since many of the problems entrepreneurs face each day are mental, it should come as no surprise that many of the most valuable habits you can develop as an entrepreneur have nothing to do with business insight, but with your personal mental health.

Here are five such habits that will not only improve your mental state, but also boost your motivation and productivity:


Many entrepreneurs like to work late into the evening and rise early in the morning to make the most of each day. By pushing yourself to the limit, however you are actually lowering your productivity. Lack of sleep can prompt an inability to focus and prohibit higher brain functions. If the sleep deprivation is severe enough, these side effects can last for several days.

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In addition, poor sleeping habits are linked to a variety of health problems, including heart attacks, diabetes and obesity, which can lead to even more issues. Getting six to eight hours of sleep each night is a must and the best.


Another aspect of being an entrepreneur constantly on the run is that you don’t always have the chance to eat well. It is much easier to grab a burger and fries in the car than to take the time to sit down and enjoy a more wholesome meal. Unfortunately, this is affecting more than just our health. Food actually has a direct impact on the way we think and feel. The food you put into your body is turned into glucose, which fuels the brain.


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In a day packed with responsibilities, it is not easy to set aside an hour to exercise. Taking the following benefits into consideration, though, exercise is a good use of your time:

  • Reduces levels of mental and physical stress
  • Releases chemicals into the system that cause happiness and fight depression.
  • Improves sense of self –worth and self-confidence
  • Gives chances to turn the brain off, boosting creativity and allowing you to take a fresh perspective on problems later.


Meditation is not usually attached to entrepreneurial success, but it can boost performance no matter how spiritual you are. Meditation gives you the chance to shut down for a little while, relax and let the stress of running a business (at least briefly) washed away. It is not surprising then, to learn that meditation’s positive impact has to do with the fact that it lowers blood pressure too.

The best part about meditation is you don’t need a lot of room or time to do it. You can simply set aside five minutes a day on the bus, or 10 minutes in a quiet place at the end of the day before you leave the office. Silent prayer in the day will make you feel fulfilled and at peace.

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If you want to learn and be a successful leader, you need to read as much as you possibly can. Reading has an impact on our emotional awareness which helps to improve our brain and motivate us.

Most entrepreneurs have an insight understanding that mental health is important to the success of their business, but not many understand how deep it actually runs. By taking the time to get enough sleep, enjoy a healthy diet, exercise regularly, meditate and read, you may spend less time working but you will produce higher–quality output and enjoy a better overall lifestyle.