Good and Bad Lives in Man’s Heart

Good And Bad Lives In Man’s Heart

The act seen carried out either secretly or openly every day is evidence of the self-belief that emancipates from the inner mind. No right or wrong is carried out without a deeper consultation with the inner mind. As a man is born, he is born with the purpose to choose whatever things he wants to become. You have free will to make your choice known – good or bad.

No man created by God is born of evil. Everybody is born good and equal by God and for the purpose of fulfilling his main objectives on earth. While some chose to become lawyers, others chose to become accountants, doctors, engineers, and so forth. Likewise, we have people who have chosen to become arm robbers, assassins, hooligans, and fraudsters that work for the spirit of a dark world. Whatever path you have chosen will surely become the act of seeing and doing every day.

Do you know that what you think on the secret side of your heart and the words that come out of your mouth work for both good and bad? Yes, they are. Words are like an invisible spirit that works toward the accomplishment of their pronouncement. Once you have said it out, it makes it a duty to discharge that which has been spoken in fulfillment of the originator. Word is a powerful element that can give and take life, imprison and set captives free, make a nation be at war with another, and inspire peace to reign. But all depend on the intention and purpose which you want it to achieve. Thus, whatever things you think or speak about yourself will, if not careful, come back to you as you move along the path of life day by day. It is better to pronounce good words on people or yourself than negative words.

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The other day your name was mentioned among those who are alleged to be in the police net for wrongdoing. Though, you narrowly escaped judgment because of a lack of concrete evidence to nail you but still, you refuse to return to the noble path of life. Some of your comrades were sentenced to short and long time imprisonment.

Your face is glimmering with loud laughter and thanks to your underworld godfathers who make the evidence against you disappear into indiscernible air. If you don’t know better know this, payday is around the corner. Change your ways and stop the killing, robbery, cheating, and raping. Such an act will only lead you to destruction which might also affect the relationship of society with your family.

Listen to the right conscience inside you and follow the lecture of its instructions up to the letter. Let your conscience be your guide and best friend. Know that the way to accept and encourage wickedness to be the ruler of your life is the same way you can accept and encourage goodness to be the ruler of your life. In fact, it takes more energy to be wicked than to be a good person. Think right, act right. It is what you think and does that makes who you are.

As I have said before, every man is created good and equally. Of course, God in his infinite wisdom has dearly and instructively given us freedom of “free will” to choose between good and bad and to do whatever things we want freely. But his intention doesn’t imply that we should use the gift, of “free will” given to us to start causing sorrows and afflictions to mankind. What you are doing right now is not God’s purpose for your life. He wants you to live a life free from wrongs, a life full of affection and love even for all and sundry.

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The life He gave you is the same He gave to others. Why are you making life so stuffy and tough for others to breathe? Why are you sting and doom in nature like an axe of destruction? Evil is a reproach to mankind and a sin to God. It is like a seed planted, germinated, and expected to be harvested one day. Man must reap whatever things he sows. Change from your wicked ways. Walk in the virtuous path and let your heart be free from wrongs. Shun evil, do good always, and even let your good be known far beyond the boundary of your birth.

The world we live in would have known no wrongs if you do what’s right to your neighbours and yourself. You have caused hatred, pain, fear and disorder to many homes. You laugh, drink, happy and still want to trigger more harm to many homes. Who do you think you are? Superman or Dragon Spear? Nope! The invisible forces that make it impossible for the law enforcement agencies to nab you we soon be uncovered. Lord of avenger will soon locate your secret where there is no alternative. Change from your evil ways so that you and I can live in peace and harmony.

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