Know Your Child – Let’s Not Do Things Hasty

Lovely mother embracing her cute daughter on the sofa at home.

Every parent must cultivate the ability to be patient with their kids. Being a parent is the biggest job on earth, nurturing a child is the track which they must fulfill. Patience and Listening work together in the upbringing of a child which results in who the child will be in life.

In the life of every child, parents are always questioned, material things are not always necessary in their life’s, attention always paved ways of solving a child’s problem. To be a good parent either single or not enduring is the key to the happiness of every child.

At times our kids are so naughty but time, love, and care are just what we need to stop a stubborn one.

Here are some guidelines to deal with a child:

1. Seek God’s advice

Commit yourself and your child to God’s protection, ask for his guidance to lead you in training your kids.

2. Create time with your child

Time is very necessary for the life of every child. As a parent, you must know the time your kids’ sleep, eat, etc. visit their schools to know their performances after school hours go through their books to assist them in their assignments, everything is not about money, your child is worth more than money.

3. Appreciate your child

We parents are likely to think we know all the right answers. Just because we have power over them doesn’t mean they don’t have their own perspective, we must try to appreciate them by taking our time to listen, understand and ask for their point of view on issues. There are some kids who are gifted on their own but if we are not patient enough to hear them out, how are we to communicate freely with them.

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4. Teach them about the reality of life

Sometimes when you are less busy, call the attention of your child, tell them different types of stories on life and wait for their opinion, from there you know their level of understanding. Don’t allow them to see things from their own perspective alone, create a friendly relationship between you and your child. Talk to them on daily basis about new things they might want to share, through this your child will be free to tell you anything they might want to know.

5. Guild them in the pact which they have chosen

Every child has an ambition in life, it takes the help of parents for every child to achieve his or her goal. Make them know the advantages and disadvantages of their chosen career, know the kind of friends they chose, the type of advice they receive outside the home, monitor their behavior within and outside the home. Buy motivational books and tapes for them to have more knowledge and understanding.

Know our child level of knowledge, arrange extra coaching lessons for them to brighten their ability to attain their purpose, read along with them and correct them where they make mistakes, always remind them on their chosen career and give them motivational words which will make them want to continue and not relent.

Once all these have been taken and follows, we will be able to maintain the growth and development of our children and be rest assured that their future is bright.

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