Man and a shadow of himself

Man And A Shadow Of Himself

These are the stories that have been written upon the palm of time down to the era of modern civilisation: oppression, deception, wretchedness, adversity, supremacy, war, mystery, and every ‘ism‘ of diabolical realms have made man noble and great in destructions than making peace.

The advancement in every research and technological innovation had led to gladiolus eruption in manipulation and bombardment. Peace is rent apart and trouble laughs with spears of joy, invading towns and cities with an axe of drunkenness and rewarding the innocent with the merit of pain. Inherited discipline, value, and integrity had been bastardised and eroded in nearly all zones of life. The high and low want to live and reign like the Mighty, creating confusion and causing the victim to witness boldness in affliction every day.

Parents with their children became fugitives, migrated beyond the coasts of their origin; breaking away and flowing helplessly in different directions. Oppression and conquest make the villain a hero and world with its coning excuses smiling on idiotically.

The politicians, the scientists, the philosophers, the mysticisms, the mythologists, the columnists, the activists, and the analysts who claimed to be knowledge-bond become weaker in ideas – cannot stop mothers from crying, the uproar from becoming a war, greediness from becoming the norm, idleness from becoming a lake of disturbance, dishonesty from becoming a hall of fame and developed countries from producing arms of destruction to the dictators and bandits in other nations. Everyday smoke of war, the pool of anger, and whine of distrust spread like plagues to stimulate us with colossal of unanswered questions.

In the east, west, north, and south: the same story. Greetings of angst are erupting, invading the privacy of human existence every day with the quest for unrest. Man has become Lords of doom working against the progress of his fellow human beings. Citadels of deception like religious houses are no more the keepers of the Holy doctrines; the whole world has become Fuji House of Commotion. Man is now hunting for himself; a shadow of deviation from the purpose of Creation. Earthquake, tornado, flood, earth warming, pollution, recession, war, militia, incursion, massacre, homicide, suicide, ritual, smuggle, robbery, kidnapping, pirate, hijack, disease, poverty, corruption, scandal, fanaticism, totalitarianism, racism, child abuse, rape, prostitution, abortion, divorce, gender equality, lesbianism, homosexuality, and endless list in the media opium make world stylish in commotion.

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The injection of eccentric doctrines and principles into our ways of life by the icon of power-brokers and orators of the so-called jet-age revolution have reached their fullest and in return rewarding each home with reciprocal of harmony. The world is crazy and cannot fool God with the “Fundamental human rights” that make governments of many nations enacted immorality in their ways of life as freedom and rights, that make leaders steal money with impunity clause and hid the loots in another country unchecked, that make man and woman change their identities to the opposite sex, that makes the father impregnated her daughter in satisfaction of his libido, that make ladies to lose the essence of their idol on the streets of exuberance before adulthood, that make values, ethics, discipline, and integrity less extinction, that make parents disowned their children and children to becoming tattoos on the streets searching for the unknown.

World is sailing illusively on asinine beliefs thinking God is a fool when his laws and principles right from creation crystal clear in all activities and are still stand incorruptible; never change with the situational occurrences but man must conform with his standard for this world to know peace.

Conspiracy and scandal bewitch an idea world: greediness, hypocrisy, and survival of the fittest make the world racing in vanity and disperse calamities in the wake of a new day. Trust is stabbed and propaganda becomes a weapon to steam the just down. A mediocrity marked with felony suddenly metamorphoses into a celebrity that charts the course of a new day for our people. The leaders are leaderless, bond and blind by the chemistry of the offices they occupied. They swagger in corruption and silence the agitators of good governance in prisons with the gavel of fraudulent courts.

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Whatever rights you have or have given to you by the self-imposed constitution on the people does not supersede the laws of good conscience and moral values. You may be a captain of industry, politician, innovator, idealist, celebrity, or not-to-do-well person. None of these criteria gives you the right to continue luring and defiling our civility with a grunt of dilemma. Because of covetousness, you desecrate the potency of moral values and submerged the consciousness of people in exchange for buoyant bank accounts with frivolous lifestyles. Our streets are litter with shameful activities all because you have “oga” (boss) at the top who can unilaterally free the bandits and declare activists as terrorists. Children have lost their roots and mothers have lost the battle of their freedom to the hands of swindlers who keep on reaping under the tables of those who have the power and money like parasites.

You and I need to leave footprints worthy emulation, a legacy which vested on core values of life as bequeathed from our forefathers whose good works refused to go extinct till today. We need to rebuild formidable cultural-based ethics that speak none of the frivolous things of life. We need to rebuild a society that extinguishes ignorance, dishonesty, and injustice – a society good for habitation for your children, my children, and our grandchildren to live happily.

I have the right to live the same life as you, worriless and undiscounted life in its form. Stop marching down the essence of life. Give hope to the poor and strength for the people. You could avert that trouble and death of innocent citizens if you abide in the spirit of tolerance and peace. Our coexistence should not be manned by violence, racism, moral discord, and religious war. But it should be based on core values that give qualitative life and support to the people of all races equally.

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Remember, you are not alone but neighbours to each other. The world needs your cooperation and its survival is purposed on the spirit of unbiased minds. We are like steps of a ladder juxtapose to each other for one purpose. You need me and I need you not for evil but as it was predestined into human life to be of help to each other. If not your desire to forcefully maneuver others, the world around us wouldn’t have experiencing suffering, humiliation and dead. Cease wrongdoings, embrace peace, and build trust. Let the word tolerance be your mind-control device. The word ‘imperfection’ is the greed of the inner mind that coning the outer layer to war against itself. Be patient, renounce dishonesty and promote unity for a better tomorrow.

Think right, act right. The good you do will make the world unite in harmony and the wrong you do will makes the world go gaga and desolate like coconut without fruit.

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