101 Notable Cities in Yorubaland and their Founders

Notable Cities in Yorubaland and their Founders

Yorubaland, located in West Africa of southwest Nigeria, is widely regarded as an important cultural and historical region. This area is home to several notable cities that have contributed significantly to the development, growth, and history of the region. These cities, each with their unique founding stories, offer an exciting glimpse into the diverse Yoruba culture.

Some of the most notable cities found in Yorubaland, along with their respective founders, include Ile-Ife, the spiritual home of the Yoruba people, founded by Oduduwa; Lagos, the economic hub of Nigeria, founded by Awori; Abeokuta, a city renowned for its rich cultural heritage, founded by Sodeke; Ijebu-Ode, founded by Adeboye, an Ijebu warrior; and Oyo, a city famous for its ancient walls and traditional architecture, founded by Oranyan.

There are also other cities in Yorubaland, such as Ibadan, Osogbo, Ondo, and many others, which have their own unique stories and founders. The study of Yoruba history and culture is truly fascinating, and exploring the stories behind these cities is an enriching experience.

This list below highlights 90 of these cities and their founders, revealing the vast and complex nature of Yorubaland’s society.

In Osun State

  1. Ile-Ife was founded by Obatala.
  2. Oshogbo was founded by Ijasha people through Olutimilehin discovery of water.
  3. Iwo was founded by Prince Ogbaigbai.
  4. Ilesha was founded in 12th century by Owalushe Ajaka.
  5. Esa-Oke was founded by Omiran Adebolu.
  6. Ila-Orangun was founded by Fagbamila Ajagun-nla.
  7. Iree was founded by three brothers namely Larooye, Arolu and Oyekun.
  8. Ede was founded around 1500 by Timi Agbale.
  9. Ikirun was founded by Akinorun.
  10. Ijebu-Jesha was founded by Oba Agigiri Egboroganlada.
  11. Ibokun also known as Ilemure was founded by Obokun, a youngest son of oduduwa.
  12. Igbajo was founded by Prince Akeran.
  13. Ejigbo was founded by Akinjole Ogiyan (abbreviation of “Ogiriniyan”).
  14. Okuku was founded by Oladile.
  15. Gbongan was founded by Akinfenwa.
  16. Igbara Oke was founded by Olowa Arajaka.
  17. Iwoye (Ayedun) was founded by Atabata.
  18. Imesi-Ile was founded by Odunmorun and Eye.
  19. Inisa was founded by Prince Ooku Eesun.
  20. Ikire was founded by Akinere.
  21. Ilobu was founded by Laarosin.
  22. Iresi was founded by Ifadumila Olatimirin from Latale’s compound in Ile-Ife.
  23. Oyan was founded by Aladepe, an immigrant from Ile-Ife dated back to 1210.
  24. Apomu was founded by Lanrode.
  25. Modakeke was founded around 1830 by Oba Adegunle Abewela of Ile-Ife.
  26. Ipetumodu was founded by the warriors Obatala and Orunmila.
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In Oyo State

  1. Oyo was founded by prince Oranmiyan.
  2. Ibadan was created in 1829 by Lagelu as a war camp for warriors coming from Oyo, Ife, and Ijebu but according to history was later expanded to a big territory by military which was led by Maye Okunade located in Oyo State.
  3. Ikoyi was founded by Onikoyi Adegun.
  4. Saki was founded by Ogun, the god of iron who was the eldest son of Oduduwa.
  5. Ogbomosho was founded in the mid-17th century by Ogunsola, a skilled hunter from Ibarapa land.
  6. Ogbomosho was founded by Sonu Ogunlola
  7. Eruwa was founded by Obaseeku
  8. Igbo-Ifa also known in the modern day as Kishi was founded by Kilisi Yeruma.
  9. Igbo Asako is known presently as Igbo-Ora was founded by Obe Alade, a descendant of Alaafin of Oyo.
  10. Iseyin was created by Aaba Odo-Iseyin and his people were the first set of settlers to exploit the earlier bewildered forest now called Iseyin.
  11. Kishi was founded as a unity town from scores of settlements by Prince Kilishi Yeruma fron Nikki kingdom of Benin Republic, who later became the first king.
  12. Modakeke was founded by Ooni Abewela around 1830.
  13. Igbo-Ora was founded by Obe Alade and his family, a descendant of Alaafin of Oyo. Meanwhile, the first created Igbo-Asako and Igbo-Ayin before finally selttled in Igbo-Ora.

In Lagos State

  1. Lagos was founded by Awori.
  2. Ikeja was founded by Amore Onigorun and Ikudehinbu, an Awori hunter, from a deity called Akeja worshipped by Oniyanru clan in Ota.
  3. Badagry (Agbedagari) was founded in the 15th century by Agbedeh.
  4. Ikorodu was founded by Oga.
  5. Epe was founded by a hunter named Huraka and also known as Urankaloye or Uraka
  6. Oshodi was founded by Oshodi Landuji Tapa.
  7. Ajah was founded by the Odugbese Abereoje.
  8. Ibeju (Ibeju-Lekki) was founded over 500 years ago by Ageduwa (Agbeduwa).
  9. Mushin was founded by two hunters namely Odu-Abore from IIe-Ife and Aileru from Benin.
  10. Ojo was founded by Esugbemi in the company of his wife Erelu, and chief priest Osu: all are migrants from Ile-Ife.
  11. Isolo was founded by Akinbaiye, a warrior and an Awori man from Ile-Ife.
  12. Ipaja was founded by the Egbado People and also known as Yewa of Ogun State.
  13. Onigbongbo was founded by Ikunyasun Awusefa, a hunter from Benin, Edo State.
  14. Imota was founded by Ranodu, a son of Obaruwa or Obaruwamoda who was the tenth Awujale of Ijebu-Ode land.
  15. Agbowa Ikosi was founded by Olayeni Owa Otutubiosun, on of the son of Awujale Owa Otutubiosun of Ijebu-Ode land.
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In Ekiti State

  1. Igede Ekiti was founded by Ake.
  2. Ijero Ekiti was founded by Prince Ogbe
  3. Ado Ekiti was founded by Awamaro
  4. Ikere-Ekiti was founded by Aladeshelu, who is said to have originated from Uselu, a town close to Benin.
  5. Ikole Ekiti was founded by Akinsale
  6. Efon Alaye-Ekiti was founded by Iji-Emigun
  7. Ise-Ekiti was founded by Akinluaduse (Akinluse)
  8. Ire-Ekiti was founded by Ogun
  9. Otun-Ekiti was founded by Oore
  10. Ikoro-Ekiti (Eso -Obe) was founded by two hunters: Olushe and Olugona.
  11. Okemesi Ekiti was founded by Ooye-Lagbo, was the eldest daughter of Olofin, the last king on the line of Oduduwa.
  12. Emure was founded by Fagbamila Obadudu, one of the sons of Obele son of Oranmiyan.

In Ondo State

  1. Ondo was founded by Queen Pupupu.
  2. Owo was founded by Ojugbelu.
  3. Akure was founded by Alakure while Omoremilekun Asodeboyede (a descendant of Oduduwa) actually established the present dynasty of monarchs and the modern Akure Kingdom.
  4. Idanre was founded by Olofin, a younger brother to Oduduwa. He came to Ife after the demise of his senior brother.
  5. Idoani was founded by Oba Ozolua of the Benin Empire.
  6. Ilara Mokin was founded by Obalufon Modulua Olutipin.
  7. Ikare-Akoko was founded by Agba-Ode an Ife prince who was one of the grand children of Oduduwa.
  8. Araromi-Obu was established by Agboligi Adetosoye, he was also known as Obu Alakika or Ode Obu.
  9. Okitipupa was founded by Prince Abodi, a decendant of Oba Esigie of Benin Kingdom.

In Ogun State

  1. Ijebu-Ode was founded by Obanta.
  2. Abeokuta was founded by Shodeke in 1830.
  3. Sagamu or Ishagamu was founded in the mid-19th century by members of the Remo branch of the Yoruba people. The 13 towns are: Makun, Offin, Epe, Sonyindo, Ibido, Igbepa, Ado, Ijagba, Oko, Batoro, Ijoku, Ipoji, and Latawa. Sagamu is the capital of Remo Kingdom, and the paramount ruler of the kingdom is called Akarigbo of Remo.
  4. Orile-Owu which now known as Owu Ipole was founded by Pawu.
  5. Iperu was founded by Akesan.
  6. Igbesa was founded by Akeredun, a hunter, who hailed from Ile-Ife.
  7. Sango-Otta was founded by Osolo and Eleidi Atalabi.
  8. Ode-Remo was founded by two hunters, Arapetu and Liworu.
  9. Isara-Remo was founded by Prince Adeyemo from Ile-Ife.
  10. Odogbolu was founded by Eleshi Ekun Ogoji.
  11. Isara-Remo was founded by prince Adeyemo
  12. Ijebu-Igbo was created by Onayelu.
  13. Ago-Iwoye was a settlement established in 1425 with 73 Imososi families.
  14. Itele or Ijebu-Itele was founded by Ojigi Amoyegeso, a direct descendant of Awujale Oba Moyegeso of Ijebuland.
  15. Iraye was founded by Odudu-Orunku.
  16. Omu-Eleni or Omu-Ijebu was founded by Okukumadesi, a grandson of Oduduwa.
  17. Ijebu-Mushin was founded around 1200AD by Oba Oloko Osifaderin.
  18. Ogere and also referred to as Ogere-Remo was a settlement established by Ologere.
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In Kwara State

  1. Ilorin was founded by Ojo Isekuse
  2. Omu-Aran was founded by prince Olomu-Aperan
  3. Offa was founded by Olalomi Olofa-gangan
  4. Esie was founded by Prince Baragbon
  5. Jebba was founded by Okedare Lanloke, a warrior from Old Oyo while some history claimed to be Ademola Adebara and his younger brother, Odaso Adebara.
  6. Igbaja was founded by Elese Adiyelefon, a hunter and warrior.
  7. Afon was founded by Oba Obaladi Adebisi Olatoyo in the year 1623, a Prince of the 16th Alaafin, Oba Obalokun.
  8. Erin-Ile was founded around 1225 AD by Prince Odumasa Apayaan.

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