6 Parenting Mistakes Every Parents Need to Avoid

6 Parenting Mistakes You Make As A Parent That You Aren't Aware Of

Parenting is a vast and very difficult task to do. The early development of a child needs parental guardian, love and understanding in guiding him/her in the right paths of life. There is no perfect way to raise a child. Two children of the same parents we surely have their different Yes and No regarding a particular issue. You don’t need to hate them for it, rather, find a way to nurture them and trust your judgment.

Like a child, parents also make mistakes because they want to instill family norms and values into the child’s life by overdoing things. This is why most of them are often filled with regret for their unreasonable actions and wish they could turn back the hands of time. Parenting is a learning stage that helps to builds a cordial relationship between parent and child. It’s a season to understand each other, communicate and create beautiful moments with your child.

It is important to note that as a parent you are a God-like figure to your child’s life and whatever you do in their presence feels like that’s the best way it should be done to them. They say, “my mum did this so I can or I should”. Therefore, parents should endeavor to devote quality time to their child(ren) and exhibit an exemplary lifestyle to them.

As a parent, you should be flexible with your parenting techniques when you realise some aren’t working or when your child(ren) has grown to a certain stage then it’s time for a change. Being aware of these common mistakes parents make would help you in avoiding them.

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Below are the parenting mistakes most parents make that they aren’t aware of:

1. Over scolding your child

Correcting a child for what they do wrong is normal but most parent tends to scold too often, as they believe that is the best way to bring out the best in them, which is not. It only creates separation between you and your child. The result is neurosis. Reprimand a child for things that matter. Punishing a child for failing in school is not appropriate, but letting your child know the reason why he failed, how he won’t fail, and helping out with school work is best. You can also promise him a gift when he performs better. Also, punishing a child for breaking glassware is a no-go area.

2. Not sharing in your child’s happy moment

Despite been busy or preoccupied with work and all, it’s important to share in your child’s happy moment. Always endeavor to be there for them whenever they need you. Don’t forget your primary responsibility as a parent. Devote time to play creative games with your child such as puzzles, card games, treasure hunts, ask them to draw, sing or dance, buy creative books for them, etc. Attend their sport competitions, school open days, exhibitions, parties, etc. This makes you know their potential or talent and also helps their vocabulary and boost their intelligence. Also, capture this amazing moment by taking pictures and videos, this helps in making you and your child have a fresh memory of wonderful events.

3. Lack of communication with their child

Effective communication is the most important thing in upbringing. Learn to always listen to your child with an open heart. This helps to build trust, commitment, respect, openness and respond to them in a way that shows you acknowledge their feeling. Take time to discuss matters with your child and listen to their opinion. Do not snob or shot them up. This makes a child feel loved and care for.

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4. Not giving your child quality education

As a parent, try to educate your child. You are your child’s best teacher. Aside from school education, educate your child about money; how to spend money responsibly and how to save, self-confidence, self-discipline, emotional intelligence, and sex education. They must get to know about all these from you than hearing or learning it elsewhere which could be the hard way.

5. Not showing enough compassion

Children want to feel loved and cared for, not by words alone but by action. Create a happy moment for your child by taking them out to have fun. Also, hug your child as often as possible, hugs help in preventing stress and also how much you care for them. Make your child feel special.

6. Parents aren’t consistent with their rules

As a parent, you have to be consistent with your rules. Inconsistent parenting style can harm a child and can make them feel your words are meaningless. Also, the obedient issue becomes inevitable. It also makes your child confused about what to do whenever you assign tasks to them, likewise you are also bound by your rules. No talking while eating as a rule to your child also applies to you.

Parenting is a lifetime experience, make the best of it, if you know it’s not working out, seek professional help. You can get the best out of your children if you train and nurture them well. You need to be informed to know the best manner or style to raise your children. You also need to treat them individually because each child is unique, a style that works for one child may not work for another. Understanding your child’s uniqueness, talent, temperament, and personality will make you know the right parenting styles to use to raise them.

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