Problem Affecting Agricultural Sector In Nigeria

Problem Affecting Agricultural Sector In Nigeria

Nigeria has been one of the best country that are good in different agricultural sector, especially when it comes to the cultivation of crops, production and rearing of animals due to the good soil, climate conditions and availability of lands.

Agriculture is the process of improving food security and the profitability of the agricultural industry, it is the stoking of production and to the consumption of crops. Agriculture as a branch of economic in Nigeria has create an opportunity of employment.

In Nigeria, there are some restriction that affect the growth of the agricultural sector. Therefore, the source among problem is limited in productivity.

Here some major causes that affect agricultural sector.

  1. Lack of knowledge: most people today, especially the youth don’t take agricultural sector serious because they always see it to be for the poor people or illiterates. Many under-rate farming to the extent that even the government has no solution on the issues, most policy formulated for agriculture sector are fabulous in content and disunity in implementation.
  1. Lack of insufficient fund: poverty has gone a long way in affecting the production of food in Nigeria. Most of the people especially in the rural area have the zeal to farm than the urban people but access to obtain fund or loan to acquire a small pieces of land to cultivate and plant crops hinder their progress in food production. There are some that already have the food to sell but the consumer have no funds to buy the food.
  1. Bad infrastructure: there are major amenities that can help the growth of agricultural sector in Nigeria and these include good roads, water and electricity. Meanwhile, most rural area do lack all this infrastructural amenities which adversely affect the production of food.
  1. Lack of good leadership: in Nigeria, we faces the problem of good leadership and management. They are always interested in public fund on how they can embezzle it. They don’t contribute to the betterment of the situation at hand instead, they add to the problems in the agricultural sector in the Nigeria economy. We need a good leaders that create real solutions.
  2. Development of companies: lack of setting up a big and expensive private industries also contribute to the agricultural set-back in Nigeria. Therefore the modern global waves of industries that involve in food and agriculture who produces surplus food that will more enough for much populations doesn’t really apply to Nigeria economy. Financing and poor policy enactment and implementation are part of order of the day.

However, agriculture and the production of food should be taken serious in Nigeria especially creating solutions to the problems facing it also should be taken into consideration and leaderships has been change to the one that can help resolve this issues so to reduce poverty in our society. Youth can surely go into farming if there is sincerity support coming from the government by help reduce the bank lending rates and tariff charge on the procurement and importation of the farming machinery, and provision of needed social amenities..