Reasons Why You Should Have A Business Website

Reasons Why You Should Have A Business Website

There are some really good reasons that you should have a business website. Today, consumers buy differently than they did in the past. People used to be convinced by television, radio, and newspaper advertising. Now consumers are a lot smarter. They now research products online and look for trusted brands to partner with. The relationship between the buyer and the seller is much more complex and a business website is more important than ever.

If you think about traditional marketing as standing on a street corner using a megaphone to advertise your products and services, then think about a business website as more like a focus group to market all your services and products to your target customers.

A business website is much more effective than traditional marketing because you aren’t just using one megaphone, you are using several, and to extend the metaphor further, you are also getting feedback from the ground so you can change the messages that those megaphones are broadcasting.

Here are some reasons why you should have a business website:

  1. You need a place to send your web traffic. Your job as a company, whether you are in retail or an internet marketer, is to get traffic, generate leads and make sales. But what do you do with that traffic once you have it? You need a quality website to send traffic to because that’s the place consumers will get their first impression of you and that impression is usually pretty difficult to overcome.
  2. Your business website is the central location for everything that you are doing online. You need a home base, whether it is for adding to a social media profile or sending web traffic that is ready to buy. Your website is the central location of your business. The people are elsewhere on the web. You need to reach out and meet them where they are, like on social media sites. But your content will usually reside on your website.
  3. Your business website is an information source for anyone looking to find out more about your company, particularly for those looking for information during the buying cycle. If you do not have that central location online, not only do you lose a little credibility as a trusted partner in a value proposition, but you also lose the chance to answer the customer’s questions. They probably aren’t going to work too hard to find the answers they need when your competitors are just one search result over.
  4. Your business website is a part of the marketing tool. Your website has just as important of a job as anyone that works in your marketing department. Your website has to work harder because it must be available 24 hours a day, ready to answer any questions that a potential buyer has.
  5. When you have a business website, communication is a two-way street between your website and the other marketing channels you have. But you aren’t just communicating with channels, you are communicating with customers who populate those channels; social media is an example of a marketing channel.
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Finally, setting up a business website is one of the best ways to manage your entire online portfolio. You should be able to see how the entire portfolio fits together to create an unstoppable marketing package. When it comes to internet marketing, you need a centralised website to act as the anchor for all of the other things that you have going, and your website is just as important as the business itself.

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