Religious Hypnotism and Folk of Short-Sightedness Followers

Religious Hypnotism and Folk of Short-Sightedness Followers

Nowadays, many youths are not reading and that’s why they can be easily brainwashed and manipulated by the so-called religious leaders who have cultivated the habit of reading 2-3 books every month in order to be on top of their games. Many of these preachers have perfected their acts and instilled things that are not obtainable in reality into the minds of their followers.

Many of them have the same craftiness and act of witchcraft way of capturing their victims and most of whom may have family or marital reproaches, barrenness, unscientific sicknesses, or those seeking oversea visas. In all of this, the youths are the most vulnerable ones. They can easily be brainwashed because they have surrendered their hope and faith to their pastors and until you start reading books, reading news, and following events holistically as they do both locally and internationally that their motivational speeches will stop misleading you. Stop been carry away by the ungodly doctrine that they are trying to infuse into your life. They are the perfect crawlers of life.

They are seducers. They know how to hypnotize you, shift and fill your brain with lies. That is why many of you cannot hold meaningful discussions without turning them into fights and abuses. They have elevated their pastors above their biological fathers. Their father’s words are no more counted but that which comes out of their pastors’ mouths. He is milking you, using undue influence over you to acquire luxury cars, get fully armed security, live in affluent prosperity, and dominate you like how seawater covers its sands.

Yet, you can’t see who are the real oppressors of your life. They have caged your mind and programmed your thinking capability, and that’s the reason you can easily accept their fake prophecies without having second thoughts about it. You have delegated your reasoning ability to them and that’s why many of you would say “my pastor said this…”, or “my pastor said that…”. Your pastor said what?

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They claim to know God when the actions we see them doing every day makes many of them not different from occultist. They lie, rape, victimize members, womanise, propagate wrong preaching, ignite violent preaching, engage in cultism, conversion of church money into private use, and engage in money laundering and other shameless acts. Yet the followers can’t see that – all they see is a perfect man of God while blaming government for similar offences.


Pastoral Work, a Selfless in Service

Pastoral work is a good calling for those who are truly called by God. It is a kind of selflessness in service to God and humanity. A true pastor is filled with spirit of humility, honesty and has integrity rather than deception. He fear God at all times and dedicated his life to serve the people without financial gain or use his position to subdue his congregation. Church should be a place of hope, comfort and protection to those who seek it.

Members’ contributions are meant for expanding and promoting the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, pay pastors and church workers’ salaries, giving to the widows and needy. Not to use it to establish personally businesses. But the reverse is the case in Nigeria. They extort members by systematically put fear in them to believe in whatever things they do. Church money has become pastor’s private wallet. Everywhere is full of different churches with some funny names tailored towards impoverish their followers, make them believe witchcraft and family demons are after their lives. They engage in many diabolical weekly and monthly crusades that can give them sudden wealth.

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It is in Nigeria you will hear some pastors saying “God said I should leave my town and come to Lagos” or “God said that son, go to a place called Asokoro in Abuja and build me a church there”. You can never hear them telling you that God said they should leave Lagos and go to one remote area in Ogun or Edo State where there are no good roads, electricity and social infrastructure. But they always like moving to cities where they believe they can sweet-talk and hypnotise many for the purpose enrichment overnight. Churches now are outnumbered the number of factories in our communities.

I wish the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Winners Chapel or Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries management can redeploy about 70% of their pastors in the cities into villages and towns. Thus, the dangling question to know those “who are called by God” will be truly answered. Hopefully, doing this will help to separate the good from the bad ones who like using “Do not touch my anointed ones, and do my prophets no harm.” Bible verse to silence any members who stand to question their waywardness and dishonesty.

Just like our politicians, many of our religious leaders are also #EndSARS executioners who make you believe in an unseen manner. They drink and eat with the politicians every day. They are the remix of modern slavery that feed on their hosts like parasites. There types are the one that will tax you directly or indirectly before pray or counsel you. They operate similarly like babalawo and alfa – even tax you heavily than these people do.

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Kindly make it a habit to follow events sensibly, make contributions to the matter that arise judiciously without abuses, and verify things before starting broadcasting them on social media. Don’t let your pastor instigate you against unpopular beliefs. They know how to inspire you to promote their sinister agendas to the public. They know how to settle their matters with the government while you are locked up!

Make it a “Must Do” habit to read 1-2 good books every month so that you can start to know better than what they thought of you. Listen to radio and read news, and know how to differentiate between the good and fake content. Google can be helpful in doing your findings and the bible too. You can also seek knowledge in reading Quran – there are bunch of true in that Holy book.

Truthfully, many of these pastors of yours can read anything – Qur’an, Seventh Books of Moses, Gita, Toran, Ifa divinity and many more in addition with so many inspiring books. Some of them even gone far secretly to study witchcraft and metaphysics, and many belong to secret society but they wouldn’t tell you. Why? They do this to acquire powers and wisdom to be above you and I spiritually.

It is yours to know the truth from the unknown that was hidden from you. Read and think wisely before you speak!

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