Some of the most beautiful countries in Africa

Some of the most beautiful countries in Africa

Did you know that Africa is the second largest continent in the world in terms of landmass and population, after Asia?

Africa is a stunning continent, and even though it is underrated by many people, the reality is that it is one of the most diverse continents in the world, with beautiful people, cultures, traditions, and landscapes. Africa is home to several countries, and today, we’ve created a list of the most beautiful countries in Africa. It wasn’t an easy one, but we are sure you’ll find this list pretty interesting whether you just want to learn more about the continent, or you’re looking to travel to some of these places. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

1. South Africa

Have you asked yourself why the airports are always filled with people traveling to South Africa? Well, the answer is because it is a place that is worth visiting. South Africa makes the list when it comes to African countries that are blessed with exceptional beauty. Everything about the country makes it outstanding, from the faces smiling at you, to the beautiful blend of good food and fantastic culture, to its rich history filled with thrilling stories of liberation.

When you visit South Africa, you’ll find that it is blessed with stretches of landscape that have thriving forests, mountains, savannahs, deserts, valleys, and coastlines. It’s so beautiful that it has been ranked as the fifth most beautiful country in the world! If that doesn’t make you comprehend the beauty of the place, we don’t know what will. The only words we can use to capture everything about South Africa is “Picture perfect”. It’s a picturesque country that has exciting places to see like the Kruger national park, the vineyard of Franschhoek, Western Cape, the Amphitheatre Valley Drakensberg mountain range, the Elands River Falls, Mpumalanga, and so many other beautiful places.

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2. Kenya

Kenya is located in east Africa and is loaded with a lot of beautiful sites and there is no way we would have created a list of top beautiful countries without adding it here.  In Kenya, you’ll find places like the central island, which a volcanic island that’s located in the middle of Lake Turkana. This island is also called Crocodile Island and it has a relaxing campsite where you can look at the beautiful lake as it washes onto the black lava beach.

Kenya is loved for its tropical weather, white sandy beaches, amazing landscape that can be enjoyed while enjoying a chilled drink. It has diverse wildlife and fantastic geography that attracts a lot of tourists annually. The reason why this country is home to a lot of tourists is obvious. With its stunning game reserves, lakes, beaches, mountains, cultural diversity, and fascinating wildlife, why wouldn’t it be?

3. Mauritius

Many people don’t even know that this country is located in Africa. This is because geographically, it is a part of east Africa located off the eastern coast of Africa, but it is also an island located in the Indian Ocean. If you’ve been seeing pictures and videos of celebrities relaxing on clean sandy shores and running through clear crystalline water on social media, then it’s highly likely that they are enjoying a vacation in Mauritius. The reason is that Mauritius is one of the most popular vacation sites for a lot of people including these celebrities. People love its beaches, lagoons, and its reefs.

The country also has an amazing national park called the Black River Gorges, which has bristling rainforest, waterfalls, trails where you can hike, and unique wildlife you won’t just see anywhere like the flying fox. If you’re looking for a country that is surrounded by beautiful seas and clean white beaches, then Mauritius is your top pick. It’s nothing short of a paradise on earth.

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4. Morocco

Yes! Morocco is a country worth visiting. It is located on the border of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. So obviously, you should get ready to experience beautiful towns that are perched on the seaside, and even snowy mountains as well. Marrakech is a wonderful city located in Morocco, but you might want to ignore the fact that the country has a lot of snake charmers.  There are so many other charming places (Pun intended!) that you would love to visit in Morocco; some of them are Fez, Casablanca, Rabat, and the blue village of Chefchaouen.

We promise you that you’ve never seen a place like this anywhere else in the world. The village is coloured entirely blue and this makes it a very peaceful atmosphere to be in. Another thing that attracts tourists to this beautiful country is the amazing cuisine. Morocco is the perfect vacation site for foodies who appreciate tangy food. A particularly good spot is in Al Mounia, where delicious lamb is served.

5. Seychelles

The first impression you will have of this place when you visit is that you are in paradise. Seychelles is an island that is so stunning that it had to be protected as a national treasure. The beaches and the pure water with varying shades of blue will have you wishing you would never leave.

The scenery is very beautiful and that is why this particular country made it to this list. This island is favoured by many tourists because of its beautiful landscape.

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Obviously, Africa is incredibly beautiful and even if we analysed every single country, you’ll discover how unique and immensely beautiful every country in the continent is. They all have different resources and gifts that make them shine bright. You should also know that Africa is a melting pot of so many cultures, traditions, and people, and this is part of what makes them so exceptional. The elements; the clear water, the sandy beaches, the thrilling landscape, the untouched national parks, the rivers, lakes, and the wildlife all make it a beautiful place to visit sometimes. Take your time and appreciate how beautiful the people, places, and culture in Africa are. Remember you might not want to leave!

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