The Obidient Mob Home and Abroad

The Obidient mob home and abroad

It is unfair to the 2023 elections and INEC, that the elections which ought to be praised and unanimously documented as freest, fair, and credible in the country after and even comparable to the 1993 election have been robbed of that status; and no thanks to Peter Obi and his Obidient mob of followers, home and abroad.

We went through an election period and witnessed many unprecedented occurrences both at the presidential, National Assembly, and statewide elections, that are literally alien to our shared experiences and represent the unprecedented credibility of the 2023 general elections, yet we parade a section of the populace of our nation, and unfortunately, one populated by members of the same ethnic group who have for ages share the same desire to rip the chord of a united Nigeria.

The appearance of Peter Obi’s candidacy marked the beginning of an ill omen for our nation politically; one, we have not really comprehended its devastating effects and influence on our national coherence and the peace of this country.

Behind the scene, Peter Obi’s candidacy was an Ibo agenda, and some Nigerians and mostly of Igbo origin at home and abroad saw it as their opportunity to take over the country and attain the Biafra objective with the machinery of Nigeria’s presidential powers. The Peter Obi religious and ethnic campaign strategies were an agreed path to victory by and for the region. The Labour Party victory in Lagos, the Southeastern and South-south states, and mostly in the Christian/ Igbo-dominated cities of the southern part of Kaduna and Plateau states were primarily the product of a well-orchestrated Igbo coup to upset all permutations and get an Igbo presidency. This was apparently what the Obidient campaign was designed to achieve but eventually failed as expected. Okay

The manipulated election predictions, all in the name of election polls which in droves predicted a Peter Obi victory when in reality it was obvious there was no realisable path to a victory for the candidate and his party was the beginning of the organised mass ridiculing and discrediting of the presidential election outcome. While it was obvious that the Labour Party and its flag bearer had no presence in the entire North West and North East; two regions that present the bulk of voters’ population compared to none in the country, the polls pretended and nonetheless flaunt unrealistic figures across the country. While all reasonable and straight-thinking Nigerians knew so well that Peter Obi’s decision to turn the campaign into a ‘religious war;’ taking over major pulpits across the country and setting up the Christian population against the rest of the country, culminating in his popular “take back your country” mantra, would backfire, the Obidients mob concluded, perhaps naively, that the Muslim population and other neutral blocs would not react with a mass vote from all corner to make their statement.

All the way to the street meetings, the singular agenda of all Igbo meetings, across the states of the nation, since Peter Obi’s emergence was to cripple the system to install him. The silent and internal drive for voters’ registration, mandatory PVC collection, and the election-day mobilisation were all orchestrated plans to the same end. The sudden silence of the Biafra movement and the almost total and coded collapse of all its machinery including the IPOB operations into the Peter Obi campaign and forming the bulk of the Obidient mob are all planned tactics by the Machiavellians Obidients to take power at the center.

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The election came and though now in the past, bears with it evidence of its credibility, yet this set of undisciplined and unprincipled losers would choose the part of perpetually discrediting the election, its umpire, and creating both short-term and long-term confidence issues and challenges for the nation’s electoral process and its democracy; but much more and worrisome, the deepening of nation’s ethnic and religious fault lines. It is a fact now that more much needs to be done to bring down the wall of hatred and divisions created by the Obidient mob across the globe.

Now, it is clear that it is not about education or literacy. Neither is it a function of ignorance, but rather a decision to outrightly reject the truth while maintaining a choice outcome of an election they clearly lost. This is exactly the Trump position on the 2020 American election which he lost; the same that most of the educated Obidient mobs can’t understand and have in some ways spoke out against yet enacting it right home. The “Trumpism” ideology, that remains a major challenge to the sanctity of the American states till today, two years after the election, a similar nascent one in the Obidient Movement is already turning our nation upside down. How do we explain a man who lost an election, filed over eighty cases in courts across the country, and lost virtually all, with all the judges on different days and across different states uttering the same disappointment in the attempt to discredit the election without tenable evidence of infractions?

What the Trump mob lived on is the affirmed statement of their principal that continues to maintain that there was a deep plot against him and America that led to the rigging of the election against him and in favour of Biden the Democrat. It is the cry of ‘the election was stolen.’

It is the same scheme playing out in Nigeria; for as long as Peter Obi and Datti maintain that the election was stolen from them, the Obidients need no evidence, and to them, the election was stolen, and they would continue to constitute a nuisance to the entire national system. While it is his right to seek justice in court which he has already initiated, the demagoguery and stealth weaponisation of his Obidient mob is what we are calling out to sensitise the public of his multiple motives – including going to court, weaponising the Obidients, discrediting the court and weeping ethnic and religious sentiments till the 2027 election.

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It is an established fact that Peter Obi did not only lose the election but did not even come close to winning it, and it is another fact that Obi knows this truth and is not disillusioned as some thought. He knows what he is doing; the stolen mandate rhetoric is a planned tactic. Even though some legal luminaries have established a fact that Peter Obi does not even qualify to contest the February 25th, 2023 by citing Section 77 of the 2022 Electoral Act, as amended that states “each party is required to maintain a membership register in hard and soft copy and to make such register available to the Commission not later than 30 days before the date fixed for primaries, congresses, and conventions.” Anyone following Peter Obi, who defected from PDP to LP might have noticed he was cleared to contest the PDP primary of which he was duly issued a certificate of clearance as a long-time party member – even though he was originally from APGA – and then suddenly withdrew and defected on 12th of May 2022, which was less than a week to the Labour Party presidential primary. Clearly, it is impossible that both INEC and the Labour Party to have a party membership register of at least 30 days old that includes Peter Obi as a member.

Despite this flagrant infraction, he has been enjoining the acts of his accidental mob, the Obidients; and his ultimate desire would be how to maintain and keep them lubricated and energised till another election cycle. We are in for a long walk, and we are going to see and witness even more organised attacks on the sanctity of the election and the acceptability of the incoming administration just as it has been the case in America since 2020 till date.

Soon, the Biafra agitation would resume in top gear, IPOB operations would take off from where it paused some months ago, and together with the organized Obidient mob would continue to present a major challenge to the sanctity, peace, and unity of Nigeria till 2027 when Peter Obi would contest again. What is coming would be much more organised than whatever we have seen in this country up to date.

When you analyse the list of supposed educated elite both in the country and outside who are expected to be realistic in judgment and measured, to be able to draw the lines between religious and ethnic attachment and facts of an issue; and the extent they are altogether ready to go to discredit the country, you will conclude that there is an unspoken ethnic agenda against the nation. It is a big shame on all of them, including the Chimamanda and the like. Now, it is clear they are not the lovers of the sane society they have pretended to belong to for ages and are earning accolades for, but a bunch of ethnic bigots, who lost it when it comes to accepting the truth of an election, a member of their ethnic nationality clearly lost.

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Nigeria and Nigerians would be the ultimate victims of Peter Obi’s desperate desire for power; and despite his deceptive posture for wanting a better Nigeria, his pre-election utterances and decisions and now would be the most divisive in the nation’s history. We have had politicians wielding religion and some other times ethnicity to win elections, but never has it been of this magnitude and intensity. The truth is that living together as Nigerians with different religious and ethnic affiliations has become more dangerously difficult and are most likely to worsen with time.

Lagos is a typical example. There is always an ethnic appeal to elections in the state, but at no time was both religion and ethnicity wielded with so much potency and impunity to create a deep-spoken and unspoken enmity among Nigerians in the state. We may be quiet about the “Lagos is no man’s land” rhetoric adopted by the Obi mob to win the state, but we all know a time bomb has been set that will continue to redefine the interrelationship between the Yorubas and the Igbos in the state.

How are we going to express the trust situation between Muslims and Christians in the country today? Are we going to continue to pretend that all is well after the nature and the content of the Peter Obi-sponsored religious campaign indirectly targeted at the other main religion? After all the unbelievable acts of the Christian clergies who transformed their altars into campaign fields for Obi and directly inform their followers that the Muslims must be stopped by all means using all possible derogatory language to press home their messages. Rather than continue with healing that has been preached over time, what have we done to all delicate lines of our coherence as a nation and people?

And for the appropriate call for psychological healing, where are we going to start from? How do you heal people who are not living in ignorance but with the wilful desire not to ever accept the truth? Is it possible for Peter Obi to make a U-turn in the interest of the country, and let his mob know that he actually lost the election but would be preparing to do better in another four years? I doubt it; the Obi that I know would prefer the backing he enjoys now than the peace and wellness of the country.

The President-elect would have a herculean task to surmount; particularly in depopulating and deradicalising the Obidient mob. Taking out the ignorant among them who are only following the crowd to believe the lies they sold out to them; and then getting all sane Nigerians to focus on building a peaceful, organised, united, and prosperous nation for ourselves and all generations of Nigerians to come. We all need to support the President-elect.


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