The unending wickedness of Nigeria politics profiteering in the name of COVID-19

The unending wickedness of Nigeria politics profiteering in the name of COVID-19

This is what I have been saying. Fine, it is wise for the government to tell people to stay at home as it is the best move to curb the spread of the virus, but the question the government should have asked themselves is “how many Nigerians have enough resources to feed themselves for one week without working?”.

It is a very big question. A larger percentage of Nigerians rely on the income they make today to feed tomorrow. You have asked these people to abandon their businesses and stay at home for weeks without playing your role as a government to enable them stay at home.

I am fully in support of the stay at home policy but it would never work if the government does not step in to provide for the people while they are staying home, at least in the smallest possible way. Even I can not stay at home if there is nothing there at all for me to eat.

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America asked people to stay at home but they didn’t just leave them, they have been crediting them with over N500k each, even to non citizens. Now that we have asked our people to stay at home just like the US did, why can’t we also give them money like the US is doing?

Well, I do not blame the government, we are the ones failing ourselves. We are the reason people who are incapable are in power… We the youths are the cause of our misfortunes. We are the ones who queue to vote our forefathers in the name of being devoted to a party, we are the ones who help them to snatch ballot boxes, we are the ones who do mass thumb printing for them… We are clearly reaping what we have sown. I hope that 5k you collected during election is still with you? Hold it tight, you will need it most now.

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A nation that does not have a data base of its citizens, a nation where any black man that has crossed the border can get a voter’s card, national identity card and even benefit from community programs as we don’t know who our citizens are. Many people in Lagos speak Yoruba but are not Nigerians, do we know them? Capital NO. Many others speak Fulani but are not Nigerians too, do we still know them? Big NO.

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Even in this modern age, children being delivered in Nigeria are not being registered in any national data base so that in the next 100 years, we can have a nation that knows all its citizens. Can’t you see these forefathers doesn’t have a plan for our unborn children, they are still focused on stashing cash for themselves even at a time like this and it is so disheartening.

We will eventually win this fight against Covid-19 and 2023 would come, and they would come back to you with salt because dem think say you be goat wen dey lick salt, if you like use your head then.

Only we can change the story of this nation, it is high time we saw beyond party based politics.