Victory Song Is Coming – Sanwo-Olu Re-election 2023

A new Lagos city view plan

I wrote this article in response to some hot issues on Facebook and to answer a fellow on #SanwoAgain re-election for the second term as Lagos State governor.


Dear Mr. Ofor,
I like the boldness of your handwriting on each of my political posts. Also, tagging my name in some of your posts, and the re-echoes of your conviction that your beloved candidate, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour (GRV) will become the next Lagos governor to silence Tinubu and his ‘Agbero’ compatriots are all welcome ideas.

But a better day is coming, a day of relief and embracement in which you are included. I will solemnly in waiting till that day to revisit this matter again, but before then hear this:

This is Lagos and LP winning in the presidential election is like giving prey to a hawk while the hunter is lying down waiting gently to strike. The Ekos are still in-charge no matter who wins in this state. Kindly understand that please – This Is Lagos!

More also, decades of legacy have been built on loyalty, and trust with mutual respect and the progressives are still working endlessly to make Lagos great far beyond the African coastline. No vacancy has been declared in Alausa yet, not in this season of consolidation on past strength and further progress to chart a new course for the Lagosians and its inhabitants.

This land is lurking in awe and ovation, opportunity is everywhere to the wisely, to grow and harvest prudently. What you see as a visionary is what you get.

But I wish other states can help to reform their homelands to help reduce the exodus of the burden of those seeking for means of livelihood in Lagos. However, it seems God has fully deposited the glory of a nation here. We can’t complain rather than to share love and accommodate all wholeheartedly.

Truly, those who share our values as people and respect our present, past and future are the true/espoused sons and daughters of this state. Joe Igbokwe is one of them and other tribes who have served our beloved state in a different capacity; they have been defined, refined and elevated above ethnicity and nepotism. But believe me, your GRV hasn’t fallen into that category yet because the childish behavious in him has taken his Yorubaism away.

A true son of Yoruba will respect elders no matter the level of provocation in case if there is any. Meanwhile, there are none toward him. Like the #Obidient in him, his daily utterances are repugnant and retrogressive in nature, disrespecting everybody and even the Late Papa Jakande and Oba of Lagos. No way, awon alale ko ni je kode be.

Anyway my dear Obinna Ofor, I will reply to you more gleefully after the declaration of Sano-Olu as governor of Lagos State. I will diligently reply to those I have known and unknown that abused and cursed me violently and even extended their fist to my wife and children when I NEVER speared missiles at them.

Thereafter, I will demand drinks from you because of your delightful act in accommodating views, to celebrate and pour liberations to our ancestral fathers and to thank the Almighty God who sees tomorrow before sunset, for giving us songs of victory.